This year, the Arlington Cultural Council granted $10,000 to 20 applicants:
·         The Center for Cancer Support and Education for the publication and distribution of poetry and prose by the Writers’ Group for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers.
·         David Bates and Roger Tincknell for the presentation of the program “Earth Rhythms,” stories and songs celebrating and teaching environmental awareness and responsibility.
·         Richard Clark for his theatrical presentation of Ernest Hemingway’s life and literature scheduled to be performed for the Arlington COA on May 25, 2010.
·         Hands on History, Inc for their enrichment program on the lifeways of Continental Soldiers that will be presented to all of the Arlington elementary schools.
·         Yetti Frenkel for her 5-session, after-school poetry workshop,“The Anonymous Poet: a Poetry and Image-Making Adventure,” scheduled for March 2010 at the Robbins Library.
·         Arlington Center for the Arts for “Face It—Self Portraits by Teens,” an exhibit that will be mounted at the Gibbs Gallery at the Arlington Center for the Arts.
·         Cyrus E. Dallin Museum for the restoration of “My Mother,” a plaster bust made by Cyrus Dallin of his mother, Jane Hammer Dallin
·         Liz Buchanan for a multi-generational singalong event, “Making Music Across the Generations.”
·         Pierce Elementary School for the science enrichment program “Butterflies, Moths and their Caterpillars” by Arlington resident Darlyne Murawski.
·         Dena Ressler for her program, “Learn to Dance Klezmer Music,” that will teach attendees Yiddish Dance (the celebratory dances of Eastern European Jews) accompanied by klezmer music.
·         The Robbins Library for a summer writing program,“The Story of our Lives,” that is designed to bring together Arlington students and seniors to learn about each other.
·         A Couple of Redheads to support their March 2010 performance, “BROAD-ville: a Women’s Vaudeville Show,” featuring original comedy, music and art by Boston-area women.
·         Thompson Elementary School for a Martin Luther King celebration featuring jazz and poetry created by Thompson students.
·         Malong Malual for his documentary work (photographs, video and drawings) on his travels to South Sudan and an exhibition of this work.
·         Julie Leven for her “Viva Due Violin! Virtuoso, Vocal and Fiddling Extravaganza,” an interpretive musical program that is scheduled for May 14, 2010 as part of the Menotomy Concert Series.
·         Dallin School for West African drumming workshops for Dallin’s first grade students.
·         The Friends of Spy Pond Park for their Spy Pond festival, aimed at educating children about environmental systems in and around the pond by involving them in environmental art activities.
·         Music to Cure MS for assistance with their fundraising concert that brings classical singers and instrumentalists together to raise funds for the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis.
·         Kendall Dudley for his cross-cultural “Postcards to Afghanistan” project that would involve a presentation about the daily life of women and children in Afghanistan, followed by a hands-on card-making event.
·         Too Human for their program entitled, “A Celebration of Song: The American Songbook and Beyond,” a musical act with vocals, guitar and percussion.