This Town Day, The Arlington Cultural Council in collaboration with the Arlington Center for the Arts and the Town Planning Department is staging a Public Art Expo in Lamson Way. The exhibit will consider Public Art in Arlington present and future.  How and where do you think public art can help us celebrate life in our town? Come learn about existing public art, share your ideas about what should come next, and help create a piece of temporary public art right in Lamson Way.

Please also visit 2010 Cultural Council grantee, Kendall Dudley, who will feature his work Postcards to Afghanistan:Contacting the Other Side. Passersby are invited to reflect on daily life in Afghanistan and then compose messages of support and concern for citizens that will be translated and sent to schools in Northern Afghanistan.  By offering a human face to both sides,  this project is aimed at opening the gates to further community-to-community contact. Look for Postcards to Afghanistan on Town Day in front of the First Parish Church, 630 Mass Ave, and also mark your calendars for Monday, November 15, when Kendall Dudley will present an interactive program on Afghan daily life at the Robbins Library, 7:00 – 9:00pm.