Approximately 65 guests attended including Senator Ken Donnelly, Board of Selectmen member Joe Curro and Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine, along with representatives from the 15 projects ACC will fund in 2013 for a total grant distribution of $12,930. Festivals, Public Art, Collaborations and Partnerships were the prevailing themes among the projects. See below for a full list.

Anna Christina Lawrence: Opera Unplugged
Arlington Center for the Arts: Arlington Interactive
Arlington International Film Festival: AIFF High School Outreach Program
Arlington Public Art: Chairful Where You Sit
Arlington Tourism and Economic Development Committee: Arlington Alive Arts Festival
Capitol Square Business Association: Romancing the Square
Cyrus Dallin Art Museum and Arlington Historical Society: Arlington Cultural Heights: 1900-1925
Dan Fox: A-Town Jazz Festival
Delvena Theater Company: Jack the Ripper
Friends of Waldo Park: Waldo Park Tree Sculpture Project
Margaret Moody: Puppets at the ACA
New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society (NEGASS): NEGASS Public School Outreach
Parul Vakani and Chris Brenne: Arlington Alive and Kicking
Ruth Harcovitz: Italian-American Month Concert
True Story Theater: True Stories of Arlington