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House Majority Backs Increase for MCC

(4/17/15) – Thanks to another strong advocacy campaign, a majority of the state House of Representatives signed on to support a 25 percent increase in funding for arts and culture.

In all 87 members of the House cosponsored Amendment No. 774 filed by Rep. Cory Atkins of Concord to boost funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences through MCC to $15 million. Atkins is House Chair of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development. Cosponsors include several members of the House leadership, Democrats and Republicans, and legislators from every county in the Commonwealth. See the full list of amendment cosponsors.

They responded to the Arts Matter advocacy campaign led by MASSCreative that engaged thousands of cultural leaders, artists, educators, and citizens across Massachusetts. The Atkins amendment would reverse a 16 percent cut to MCC funding contained in an FY16 budget proposal that was released on Wednesday by the House Ways & Means Committee. …

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