Arlington Cultural Council Guidelines – This document is updated annually and will be available by September 1st of each year.   You can review the current guidelines by clicking here: ACC Application 2016-17 Guidelines 

We make available a sample grant application that you can use to help you understand how to complete your application.


You can get started on the online application by clicking here.

We’ve added the 2014 Luminarium application as an additional sample.   It won a Gold Star award from the MCC.

Luminarium 2014 grant application

At the point of this proposal, one key piece of information had been incorrectly given. Our intel was based on the thought that our venue (The Arlington Reservoir water tower at Park Circle) was already a permitted region. Once we received the grant and began to move forward with our proposal, this mistaken information came to light, and we were faced with the new task of making that space a permitted area. This meant reaching out to the parks and recreation department, police department, fire department, Board of Selectmen, and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority—each with new presentations and proposals to make Night at the Tower possible. In the end, we were successful, and the project moved forward as planned, but it serves as a reminder to future applicants the immense amount of work that goes into projects of this magnitude behind the scenes!


Merli V. Guerra
Artistic Director, Co-Founder
Luminarium Dance Company